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SMF investors members get unlimited access to these exclusive benifits:

- Accurate trend spotting tools

- News feeds that give you actionable investment ideas

- 58 module stock trading course

- 15 part video series on killer trading tips

- Stock picking checklist to increase profits

- Exclusive stock picks and investment ideas from Smart Money Finance (updated frequently)


Everything you need to put yourself ahead of the pack and start making profitable trades right out of the gate.



The best trend spotting tools

Have you ever been in a conversation about investing and hear the other person say how they lost money in it? 

That’s not surprising and happens to quite a few investors. You don’t have to be one of them if you use these 

simple yet effective tools to predict the stock market. The combination of these  powertools is perfect for 

determining which stocks to invest in and when to get in and get out.


These tools are available in the SmartMoneyFinance Investors members area.



Up to the minute news Feeds


News is a favorite of many for keeping an eye on companies worthy of investment. 

Not all news sites are created equal. We give you the best news sites to find ripe investment opportunities. 

Using these up to the minute news channels you can be one of the first to jump in on hot trending markets 

and make quick wins any time.



58 module stock trading course

Each module walks you through different trading strategies and the risk involved. This comprehensive course 

is perfect for beginners or experts alike. Use the tried and tested stock trading strategies and watch your 

profits soar. The modules are in pdf format and are easy to read and understand for traders at any level.



15 part video series on killer trading tips

This quality video series goes into detail on how to find the best broker and use profitable trading tips 

to make money in any market. Professionally explained and illustrated and packed full of killer stock trading 

secrets that will leave other traders in your dust. This video course will leave you feeling confident to make 

investments with little to no risk for consistent wins.


Stock picking checklist to ensure profits

Before you even think of putting your hard earned money into a stock you should run it through this checklist. 

If the stock qualifies for all or most of the checks then you have a winner to invest in with confidence. 

This checklist is so effective it can increase your chances of making money up to 90% every trade you make. 

This alone gives you almost an unfair advantage over other traders who don’t have access to this quick and 

effective checklist.


Exclusive stock picks and investment ideas Directly from Smart Money Finance

The methods and tools in the SMF Trading Guide are so lucrative that we use them ourselves every day. 

Once a month we will use all the tools at our disposal and find trending stocks that are either rising or 

will soon rise. After running them through our checklist, we share the list of profitable stock picks by 

emailing them to our members (these are not posted anywhere online). This is a huge time saver for you 

and is only provided to our paid subscribers.


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The truth is that most traders lose money because they either don’t know about the proper tools to use or 

they just choose not to use them. Don’t be part of that herd. You can invest with full confidence knowing 

that you will be getting a positive return on your investments. Use these trend spotting tools to be the first 

to know about big opportunities. Run them through our checklist and add it to your portfolio. It’s as simple 

as that. You can do this repeatedly to diversify your portfolio into a compounding cash machine.


The SmartMoneyFinance Investors membership is the meat and potatoes of investing. No fluff, no nonsense, 

just tried and tested methods you can start using today to see quick wins and money in the bank.


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